Letters to the editor

STEPPING DOWN: Australia Post Managing director and group CEO Ahmed Fahour. Post executive quitsTHE greatest misuse of public money on the taxpayer, ever disclosed, is Australian Post. A total subsidiary of the federal government, having to justify their existence by making a profit and declaring their books for audit.

Yet allowing them outlandish remuneration for executives is a dereliction of the government’s duty of care. The board vote on the remuneration for the CEO $5.6 million a year and then in return the CEO votes and recommends on the boards remuneration each member more than $1 million a year.

When we owe billions, and low income Australians struggling, divorced from the real Australia, living in a world of plenty on taxpayers’ hard-earned money. This is an absolute disgrace, as there are many more public servants heads with salaries over a million dollars. All at taxpayers’ expense.

Peter Doddy, Trevallyn.Penalty ratesTHE announcement of the reduction of penalty rates will put further pressure on the government welfare bill. As part time and casual workers report lower earnings, their Newstart and Austudy payments will increase. Looks like yet another way to subsidise poorly run and inefficient businesses.

Jim Reynolds, St Leonards.Thank youTHE lies pouring forth to support Fair Work Australia’s attack on penalty rates have been so frequent and so broad and so unopposed that it is impossible to counter more than a fraction in this letter. In fulfilling a dream of business and capital owners to overturn a cornerstone of Australia’s egalitarian system, FWA has proven too gutless to attack penalties for nurses, police or fire fighters – all jobs we expect to be covered 24-7.

But the workers not seeing their childrenplay sport, juggling bills on minimal wages living with poor job security and long hours, often in jobs where they have to smile and accept some of the worst of human behaviour, are lesser beings if they work in retail and hospitality.

The claim that more businesses will open is hard to believe. For years I have watched Launceston remain steadfastly shut down even when events like the Launceston Criterion or Hawks matches brings hundreds into town. Many of these businesses could employ children on Sunday, whose wages, double time or otherwise, are covered by the sales of a couple of coffees. Retail and hospitality workers should be angry not just they their said to be grossly overpaid, but also for the contempt that has been shown for the work they do.

Peter Lloyd, Deloraine.Northern MidlandsAN $80,000 state government commitment to support the Northern Midlands Council upgrade of the Campbell Town toilet block is very much needed. However, to take away a well utilised toilet block at Conara and not replace it is unacceptable.

This money was originally earmarked to replace these toilets. So why can’t we have both as there is a clearly demonstrated need? Those using the area as a transit bus station, for a family picnic, a stop over during their travels around our state or even as a play area for their children deserve access to basic facilities.

With Conara residents now fending off strangers pleading for access to their homes, the state government needs to take responsibility for this mess and also reinstate these much needed amenities.

Janet Lambert, Devon Hills.Death PenaltyHOW can the do-gooders call the death penalty barbaric? A 100kgman stands on the stomach of three-year-old girl causing her to die. That is more than barbaric. It is time for all politicians to vote to bring back the death penalty for Australia or let the people vote on it.

Colin Knowles, Devonport.This story Administrator ready to work first appeared on 苏州美甲美睫培训.