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UNDER FIRE: Wagga council boss Alan Eldridge, pictured here with mayor Greg Conkey, continues to be the subject of fierce debate.A man of integrityI FULLY support the comments made by Julian McLarenin hisletter to The Daily Advertiser on Friday, February 24.
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AndrewCrakanthorphas not only 34 years of local government experience with 23 yearsexperience at a senior management level, he completed a bachelor of business, majoring in local government, together with a graduate diploma in public policy and management.

In 2011, when he accepted the offer extended by the-then general manager and mayor to enter into a performance based contract as director of planning at Wagga, he subsequently enrolled in and completed a graduate certificate in property and planning in Sydney.

Recent events associated with Alan Eldridge, who was responsible for MrCrakanthorp’s departure from Wagga City Council some 12 months ago, reinforce the comments I made in my previous letter to the editor late last year and the comments made by Julian McLaren.

Rowley AlexanderSydneyCompassion in the extremeBRYANPomeroy says refraining from animal products makes one “very angry with the world”(DA, Letters, “The price of righteousness”).

Not at all. I’m a vegan but I’m certainly not angry. But I am passionate about informing people about the enormous – and needless – suffering inflicted on farmed animals.

For more than three decades I was totally ignorant in this regard.

I thought we “needed” to eat meat for good health. Then I discovered it was healthier to avoid it.

I thought the cow’s milk I drank was “surplus” milk.

Then I discovered the dairy industry forces cows to give birth each year then kills their babies in order to steal their milk.

I had no idea that the millions of “useless” male chicks hatched by the egg industry were gruesomely dropped live into mincing machines.

Last week an American philosopher and animal rights campaigner – Dr Tom Regan – died.

A quote of his caught my eye.

It was,“They say we’re extremists for caring about animals. I am an extremist. I am extremely against animal abuse, and I am against it all the time.”

Isn’t this the way we should all think?

Jenny MoxhamMonbulkA flood of questionsA QUESTION for mayor Greg Conkey.

Is the person wanting to develop the flood-prone Gumly Gumly estatethe same person who argues there should be no further housing development at Estella?

I would normally direct my question to the councilgeneral manager, however he appears to be estranged from his son.

Peter DoldenWaggaInvestigation warrantedI THANKthose Young Turks with the fortitude to challenge the integrity of the council’s general manager.

For too long the Wagga City Council has been seen to be loaded with people more interested in property investment than civic development.

By all accounts, there does seem to be a conflict of interest for Alan Eldridge in regard to the pecuniary activities of his son, which the GM did not declare.

Therefore, I believe that it is good policy to now have an inquiry into the behaviour of Mr Eldridge in regard to property development in Wagga.

The whole affair brings to mind that old Chinese proverb: “May you live in interesting times”.

A saying that can also be used as a curse.

Let’s see where we go from here.

Maurice CorlettWaggaThis story Administrator ready to work first appeared on Nanjing Night Net.