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CartoonI FIND the cartoon in The Examiner (February 18) which shows Midnight Oil – government smashing up renewables and worshipping coal, most offensive. I ask who is the most to blame? The industries and power companies who, while not perfect in terms of environmental cleanliness conform to the standards of the day, and provide power and employment to millions, or the hardline environmentalists who, given their way, would shut down our major, reliable source of power and many large industries causing poverty, misery and unstable economy. By all means let us work towards finding better cleaner sources of energy but don’t shut down the ones we have before we have something reliable to replace them.

Malcolm McCulloch, Pipers River.Bishop WillsonI AM not a Catholic, but when I read the featured article (The Sunday Examiner, February 19) that the earthly remains of Bishop Willson first Catholic bishop of Hobart were to be returned to Tasmania I was very interested. Bishop Willson was a great friend of Augustus Pugin who designed the British Houses of Parliament. Pugin sent with Bishop Willson the models of three churches and a cathedral. The Catholic churches at Oatlands and Colebrook are completely Pugin, while the church at Richmond is partly Pugin. Bishop Willson’s first public Mass was at St Joseph’s Church in Macquarie Street, Hobart. Incidentally the Pilgrim Church in Launceston is of Pugin design, so it has a link with Bishop Willson, albeit very indirect.

Malcolm Scott, Newstead.Tasmanian holidayWE HAVE just enjoyed a great holiday in Tasmania and spent the last week using the Longford Caravan Park as a base. This necessitated trips to the local supermarket. This was the only sour note of our stay. The supermarket car park is very clearly signed as a one-way system yet numerous people ignore the signs and drive against the flow, thereby setting up the potential for accidents. Many locals we spoke to also expressed concern. This needs policing before something serious happens.

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